Splitsider: The Best of ‘SNL’ Season 38

snlcecilystronggirlIn this first of a two-part season wrap up of SNL Season 38 on Splitsider, I list my favorite moments of the season, including my picks for best host, best episode, best new cast member, and top sketches.

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Splitsider: ‘SNL’ Review: Ben Affleck and the End of an Era

benafflecksnlIn my final SNL recap for Splitsider of the season, I discuss how Ben Affleck’s solid performance and the show’s emotional tributes to departing cast members Bill Hader and Fred Armisen led to a winning episode.

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Splitsider: ‘SNL’ Review: Kristen Wiig Disappoints with More of the Same

kristenwiigsnlHere’s my SNL recap for Splitsider of the Kristen Wiig episode. I discuss how an overabundance of old material bogged down one of the show’s most talented performers.

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Evil Blond Kid podcast: Kiss and Tell

EBKLogoHere’s the newest episode of my Evil Blond Kid storytelling podcast. I’ve been hesitant to include this story for a few reasons. It’s a regrettable hookup tale that should appeal to your “drunken frat guy” sensibilities, and one that’s awkward enough for me to change names. Sure, a lot of guys have a story like this, but the reason I find mine worth telling is how surreal it seems to me in retrospect, like a chapter torn out of a book about someone else. Certainly a pivotal watermark on my decent into immorality. This episode deals with racier subject matter than usual. I talk about adult things and use adult language. Because I’m an adult. Subscribe on iTunes and like EBK on Facebook!


Splitsider: ‘SNL’ Recap: Risk Pays Off for Zach Galifianakis

zachgalifianakissnl2013In this week’s SNL recap on Splitsider, I discuss how Zach Galifianakis’ dangerous unpredictability always makes for an exciting episode.

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Splitsider: Talking with Al Madrigal about ‘The Daily Show’ and His New Standup Special

almadrigalI interviewed Daily Show correspondent Al Madrigal for Splitsider about doing comedy in the wake of national tragedy and his upcoming stand-up special on Comedy Central. It was great talking with such a friendly and personable guy.

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Evil Blond Kid podacst: Boy Versus Cat

EBKLogoThe newest episode of my Evil Blond Kid storytelling podcast is online. In this episode, I tell a story of man versus beast, and the loss of humanity paid to win the battle. While perhaps not as classic a tale as Moby Dick or as badass as Liam Neeson versus All of the Wolves, I can assure you my story is quite the nail-biter. Cat lovers beware: while I’m sure you’ve stood by me throughout all the horrible things I’ve done to elderly strangers, family members, ex-girlfriends, and God, this may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Subscribe on iTunes!


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