Splitsider: Talking With ‘SNL’ Writer and ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’ Host Michael Patrick O’Brien

mikeobrienHere’s an interview I did with SNL writer Michael Patrick O’Brien for Splitsider. We talk about his recent appearance in the “Five Timers Club” sketch with Justin Timberlake, his “7 Minutes in Heaven” series, and the rumors surrounding the Late Night and Tonight Show succession.

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“Oppie’s Friend, Gene” Episode 6

A few years ago in college, some friends and I made a TV show. It was called Oppie’s Friend, Gene. Although it lives on online, for a while it was an actual TV show as well, broadcasted on campus television. Here online finally is the 6th episode, titled “A Cold and Mysterious Humour.” I’m really amazed at what we were able to accomplish — both in terms of writing and production quality — for a group of college kids. You can watch the recent episode below, and catch up on the rest of them here.

Splitsider: Talking to Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson of ‘Broad City’ About Their Upcoming Comedy Central Show

broad-cityI interviewed the awesome ladies of Broad City for Splitsider about their upcoming Comedy Central series. We talk about translating 4-minute webisodes into half-hour scripts and the possibility of being pigeonholed as a feminist posterchild the way Girls was.

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Splitsider: Talking With DC Pierson About His New Book, ‘Crap Kingdom’

DCPiersonCrapKingdomI interviewed novelist/comedian/actor DC Pierson for Splitsider about his new book, Crap Kingdom. We talk about his strategy to boost pre-order sales by making rap videos about customers and why it’s totally cool if kids don’t want to read.

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Splitsider: What to Expect From the Promising ‘Kroll Show’

krollshowHere’s a preview I wrote for Splitsider for Nick Kroll’s new sketch series on Comedy Central, Kroll Show.

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Splitsider: When They Were In College

For Splitsider‘s “college week,” I went back and looked at a few different comedy stars when they were college students.

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Splitsider: 12 Colleges with Great Improv Groups

I wrote an article for Splitsider‘s “college week” about some of the great improv groups at colleges across the country.

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