Lake Alice

Lake Alice is a video sketch team I’m part of with Ryan Moulton and Jennifer Francis. The three of us did improv and sketch together in college at the University of Florida, and our name is a reference to a lake on campus that none of us have any personal connection to… other than that night we ran over an old fisherman and dumped his body in there. Now that we’re all in LA, we’ve been making some short films together, with scripts written by me, Jen’s terrific acting, and Ryan’s beautiful camerawork and sharp editing skills. Check them out!

Time Jumper. This short is based on a live sketch I did with other college comedy buddies in 2007, with the original concept by Filup Molina.

SCARF. A surreal short with a fun twist.

The O-Word. A very NSFW video that ended up being way more awkward to shoot than I expected.

Taste Test – Spring 2014

Here are a few videos and sketches I wrote for Taste Test, my iO house sketch team, over the past few months.

Phone Sex Suicide Hotline. Directed by Andy Wagner and Jonathan Grant, edited by me. (NSFW)

LA Reporter Freaks Out During Earthquake. Directed and edited by me.

Mad Men Office

City Emergency

Ghost Story

2013 in Review

In these last few days of 2013, I’d like to review some of the projects I’ve been working on this year.


My biggest creative endeavor for the year was Evil Blond Kid, which began as a humor storytelling podcast and grew into a pilot script that was a finalist in the 2013 Fox Comedy Script Contest in the New York Television Festival, which I attended in late October. The script is a half-hour animated comedy and here’s the logline:

EVIL BLOND KID: After escaping an assassination attempt by a stranger from the future, a straight-laced student with blond hair discovers that he is destined to become an evil warlord. With the help of a robot sent to protect him, he must confront his past demons, prevent a dystopian future, and answer the question: does golden hair mask a heart of evil?

Meanwhile, I released a new episode of the podcast every month, including a Christmas episode a few weeks ago. That and a few of my favorite episodes are listed below:


This year has been my most active yet writing for Splitsider. In addition to my weekly reviews of SNL, I covered the new season of Arrested Development on Netflix and interviewed comedy stars like Will Forte, Mike O’Brien, Al Madrigal, Broad City‘s Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, and writer DC Pierson. I also wrote an article that examined the latest diversity controversy on SNL that was widely shared and even referenced in the New York Times. Links to that article and other recent posts are below:

I also recently went back on the Nick G Show on WGN Radio 720 in Chicago to discuss this season of SNL. You can listen to the interview here.


It has been a year of change on the improv front. I’m still actively performing at the iO Theater in Hollywood, though, sadly, my longtime house team The Cartel ended its run (along with most of the theater’s house teams in a big shakeup in December). However, after auditions, I was lucky to be placed on a new house team, WHEELHOUSE, which will perform weekly on Wednesday nights at 9pm starting Jan. 8, 2014.

Other improv developments: I attended the Del Close Marathon in New York in July, performing with the groups The Cartel, Ranger Kamp, and Riggins. I formed a new indie team called HERR DOKTOR that I’m very excited about. I’ve been more involved with improv coaching, working mostly with the team Next of Kin, while sub-coaching teams like Bush League, Mr. Body, and Koosh, and I will begin managing the iO Lottery starting January. I maintain an improv blog that people in the community seem to find useful: Vossprov. And you can also find me playing with teams like We Brooklyn, Cute Guys, and Strike Force West (an LA-based group of alumni from our college team, Theater Strike Force).


My house sketch team at iO, TASTE TEST, is alive and well after a run of a little over a year. We’ve seen some changes to our cast and directors along the way, and I’m proud of the work we’ve done. The highlight for me was our October show, CHOOSE YOUR NIGHTMARE, an innovative fear-themed show in which the audience chose the run order. Our recent December show was also a big hit, and it included sketches like this one below, which I wrote and composed the music for.

Our next show is a “best-of” compilation of our funniest sketches from the past year, and will take place on Sunday, Jan. 12, at 9pm.

I’ve got a lot of exciting projects in the works for the new year, so make sure to keep an eye out and follow me on Twitter: @eavoss.

Taste Test Sketches

I’m currently writing and performing on a house sketch team at iO West called Taste Test. We do a show every month, and below are some clips of sketches I wrote and performed in. Enjoy!





For more videos and info on Taste Test, check out our YouTube channel and Facebook page.

“Oppie’s Friend, Gene” Episode 6

A few years ago in college, some friends and I made a TV show. It was called Oppie’s Friend, Gene. Although it lives on online, for a while it was an actual TV show as well, broadcasted on campus television. Here online finally is the 6th episode, titled “A Cold and Mysterious Humour.” I’m really amazed at what we were able to accomplish — both in terms of writing and production quality — for a group of college kids. You can watch the recent episode below, and catch up on the rest of them here.

New Low

Here’s a clip from New Low, a hilarious film by my buddy Adam Bowers. He shot it in the summer of 2008, it screened at Sundance in 2010, and now it’s set to be released. For more info, check out the film’s website. In this scene, Bowers and I share some crass banter about a mutual lady friend.

Fair warning: this clip has some pretty adult language in it.

Sleep Paralysis Caused By An Insecure Demon

Another special Halloween treat: a video sketch by the very talented Ryan Moulton, starring me and the hilarious Jamie Petitto. I play a guy being haunted by an emotionally fragile demon. Enjoy!


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