February 2014

Some recent happenings and projects I’ve been working on…


My SNL coverage on Splitsider seems to have quite a bit of reach, with shout-outs by Andy Samberg on the WTF Podcast and a recent New York Times article profiling SNL after-parties. Below are links to my recent posts:


My new iO house team Wheelhouse debuted in early January, and our shows have been packed. It’s great to be on such a stacked team. We perform every Wednesday night at the iO Theater with Heyday. Meanwhile, my indie team Herr Doktor has also been making the rounds. We will be performing in the San Diego Improv Festival on Feb. 16, at 8pm, at Finest City Improv in San Diego.

My improv blog, Vossprov, has kind-of blown up in the past month, due largely to a post I wrote that compared the UCB’s improv manual to Truth in Comedy that got shared around the community. If you’re into improv theory and comedy nerd stuff, the blog is right up your alley.


I’ve taken a temporary break from my Evil Blond Kid podcast, but I’m getting back into live storytelling. I will be performing in the LA Scripted Comedy Festival on Thursday, Feb. 20, at 10pm in the iO West Loft. It’s an audience-vote kind of deal, where the winner gets to move on to the finals. I’m not going to beg you to go, but my stories are going to be pretty great.


I’m still chugging along on my iO house sketch team, Taste Test, which performs every second Sunday of the month at 9pm at the iO Theater. Our next show is Sunday, Feb. 9, at 9pm with It’s The Cops and Redford. I had two New Years Resolutions — 1) make more videos and 2) write 10 jokes every day. I just shot a video with some super funny friends that should go up in the next week or so. And so far I’ve stuck to my 10 jokes routine — sometimes barely — and if you’re curious to see the process you can find them all here. I’ve also been writing short McSweeney-esque humor pieces, one of which should go up on Splitsider in the coming days. Finally, I’ve been in the planning stages for an alumni reunion for Theatre Strike Force, my college improv group at the University of Florida, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this fall. Our alumni have been blowing up lately — touring with Second City and getting hired on SNL — so it’s about time we recognized this awesome group we were all once part of. More info should be coming out in the coming months.

2013 in Review

In these last few days of 2013, I’d like to review some of the projects I’ve been working on this year.


My biggest creative endeavor for the year was Evil Blond Kid, which began as a humor storytelling podcast and grew into a pilot script that was a finalist in the 2013 Fox Comedy Script Contest in the New York Television Festival, which I attended in late October. The script is a half-hour animated comedy and here’s the logline:

EVIL BLOND KID: After escaping an assassination attempt by a stranger from the future, a straight-laced student with blond hair discovers that he is destined to become an evil warlord. With the help of a robot sent to protect him, he must confront his past demons, prevent a dystopian future, and answer the question: does golden hair mask a heart of evil?

Meanwhile, I released a new episode of the podcast every month, including a Christmas episode a few weeks ago. That and a few of my favorite episodes are listed below:


This year has been my most active yet writing for Splitsider. In addition to my weekly reviews of SNL, I covered the new season of Arrested Development on Netflix and interviewed comedy stars like Will Forte, Mike O’Brien, Al Madrigal, Broad City‘s Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, and writer DC Pierson. I also wrote an article that examined the latest diversity controversy on SNL that was widely shared and even referenced in the New York Times. Links to that article and other recent posts are below:

I also recently went back on the Nick G Show on WGN Radio 720 in Chicago to discuss this season of SNL. You can listen to the interview here.


It has been a year of change on the improv front. I’m still actively performing at the iO Theater in Hollywood, though, sadly, my longtime house team The Cartel ended its run (along with most of the theater’s house teams in a big shakeup in December). However, after auditions, I was lucky to be placed on a new house team, WHEELHOUSE, which will perform weekly on Wednesday nights at 9pm starting Jan. 8, 2014.

Other improv developments: I attended the Del Close Marathon in New York in July, performing with the groups The Cartel, Ranger Kamp, and Riggins. I formed a new indie team called HERR DOKTOR that I’m very excited about. I’ve been more involved with improv coaching, working mostly with the team Next of Kin, while sub-coaching teams like Bush League, Mr. Body, and Koosh, and I will begin managing the iO Lottery starting January. I maintain an improv blog that people in the community seem to find useful: Vossprov. And you can also find me playing with teams like We Brooklyn, Cute Guys, and Strike Force West (an LA-based group of alumni from our college team, Theater Strike Force).


My house sketch team at iO, TASTE TEST, is alive and well after a run of a little over a year. We’ve seen some changes to our cast and directors along the way, and I’m proud of the work we’ve done. The highlight for me was our October show, CHOOSE YOUR NIGHTMARE, an innovative fear-themed show in which the audience chose the run order. Our recent December show was also a big hit, and it included sketches like this one below, which I wrote and composed the music for.

Our next show is a “best-of” compilation of our funniest sketches from the past year, and will take place on Sunday, Jan. 12, at 9pm.

I’ve got a lot of exciting projects in the works for the new year, so make sure to keep an eye out and follow me on Twitter: @eavoss.

Evil Blond Kid podcast: Stuck in the Past

EBKLogoHere’s the eleventh episode of my Evil Blond Kid storytelling podcast. Most of my waking hours are concerned with past decisions — choices I could have made differently, or more quickly, and the various choices I would have had had I made other choices differently. Obviously, this line of thinking is pointless, considering we can’t travel back in time. But “time travel” is possible, is a looser sense, such as when we encounter people who remind us of younger versions of ourselves. In those situations, the same time travel paradox presents itself: do we warn our younger selves of the struggles to come, or allow them to suffer through the trials that made us who we are today? Subscribe on iTunes and like EBK on Facebook!

Evil Blond Kid podcast: Stealing the Girlfriend

EBKLogoHere’s the tenth episode of my Evil Blond Kid storytelling podcast. I’ve reached that point in my mid-20s where most of my friends are in serious relationships. And I’m not. Besides a select few who have taken steps to maintain our friendships, most have gotten lazy about hanging out, or have become unbearable to be around… often leaving me single, friendless, and frustrated. But while I currently hate all my couple friends, I can’t exactly blame them for not wanting to return to the hunt. It’s a confusing, impossible process, and I’ve never been very good at it. This episode tells the story of a time I was so desperate for a girlfriend that I stole someone else’s. Subscribe on iTunes and like EBK on Facebook!

EBK Pilot Script Finalist in NYTVF Fox Comedy Script Contest

EBKLogoExciting news! Last spring, I wrote an animated pilot script called EVIL BLOND KID that is loosely inspired from my storytelling podcast. That script has been selected as a finalist for the Fox Comedy Script Contest in the New York Television Festival. The people at Fox development will choose a winner from the finalists, who will receive a cash prize and a development deal with Fox. Additionally, as a finalist, I’ll be attending the festival in October (when the winner will be announced), where I’ll have access to various industry and network people.

Thank you to everyone who listens to this podcast — sure, I’d probably be churning out this stuff even if no one listened, but the fact that anyone does means so much.

I was planning on recording a staged reading of the pilot script and releasing it as a special episode, but I think I’ll wait until later in the fall, when the contest is over and the legal stuff is out of the way. Or, by some miracle, maybe you’ll see the pilot on TV one day! (Probably not.)

For now I think it’s safe to post the logline, for anyone interested:

EVIL BLOND KID: After escaping an assassination attempt by a stranger from the future, a straight-laced student with blond hair discovers that he is destined to become an evil warlord. With the help of a robot sent to protect him, he must confront his past demons, prevent a dystopian future, and answer the question: does golden hair mask a heart of evil?

Evil Blond Kid Podcast: “The Tell-Tale Blazer”

EBKLogoThe third episode of my Evil Blond Kid storytelling podcast is online here. In this special Valentine’s Day episode, I share a story of high school love, which I self-sabotaged with lies, rudeness, and a bit of  kleptomania. If you like it, please rate and subscribe on iTunes.

Evil Blond Kid Podcast: “The Shooter”

EBKLogoThe second episode of my Evil Blond Kid podcast is online here. I tell the story of a time I pointed a gun at a person and pulled the trigger. Pretty messed up. Listen, subscribe, share.


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