Splitsider: ‘SNL’ Review: Martin Short Rings In The Holidays

martinshortsnlFor this week’s SNL recap on Splitsider, I discuss how Martin Short’s stellar performance as host might have made up for a first half of a season with several disappointing hosts.


This has been a lackluster season so far for SNL hosts. A stellar season premiere with Seth MacFarlane was followed by an overall downward slope of a season hosted by action movie stars who were, for the most part, a little awkward in sketches: Daniel Craig, Jeremy Renner, Jamie Foxx, and though many disagreed, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Experienced sketch comediennes Anne Hathaway and Christina Applegate gave above average performances, and Louis CK and Bruno Mars proved surprisingly confident, but since MacFarlane we have yet to be blown away by a host’s appearance on the show.

That all changed last weekend, when Martin Short returned to the SNL stage to host a triumphant holiday episode. Of course, it helped that Short was once a cast member himself in the 1980s and has appeared on the show a number of times since. The SCTV veteran is perhaps the greatest living sketch comedy actor — he possesses the frenetic joy of a first time performer as well as the cool, smug charm of fellow SNL veterans Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. He hit his marks with perfect timing, at times reigning in his explosive energy, at others unleashing it to hilarious effect. Short was just the cheery Christmas elf we needed to bookend the first half of season 38 and launch us into 2013 on a happy note.

Read the full post on Splitsider.com.

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