Splitsider: ‘SNL’ Recap: Christina Applegate and Biden Stage a Comeback

For this week’s SNL recap on Splitsider, I discuss how Joe Biden — both the actual vice president and the character he has inspired — proved quite the game-changer in the past week, joining stellar host Christina Applegate in giving us a great comeback episode.


“The only thing more entertaining in American politics right now than Joe Biden is the character version of himself he has inspired.

After spending the 2008 election as a less-exciting foil to Sarah Palin and a gaffe-prone campaigner, Joe Biden emerged as the easiest-to-peg member of the new Obama administration. Intensely brash and dangerously honest, Biden stuck out like a sore thumb in a White House that was otherwise tightlipped and pokerfaced. Political comedians, having exhausted their search for a resonating angle on the president, turned their sights on his brazen understudy. “Biden Minimizes Browser Every Time Obama Walks By,” reported The Onion. During his routine at the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2011, Seth Meyers gave us a crystal clear comedic take on the vice president:

I imagine having Joe Biden as vice president is kind of like taking your blue-collar dad to a fancy restaurant. He’s more comfortable at Olive Garden, he talks too loud, he mispronounces the sauces, and you’re always tempted to lean over to the waiter and say, “I’m sorry about him. He’s from Scranton.” … The vice president loves trains. I assume it must have been hard for the president to tell him the new budget cut $1.5 billion from high-speed rail. “Joe, come in. Take off your engineer’s cap. I have some bad news about the choo-choo’s.” As he broke the news, one of the straps of Joe’s overalls sadly drooped off his shoulder.

That image of Joe Biden – a loose cannon in need of a chaperone – has been a goldmine for SNL. Last season gave us a great moment in which Fred Armisen’s Obama – playing the Daddy in Chief – reprimanded bratty son Joe for spoiling the timing of the administration’s gay marriage announcement. And last weekend, in an ironic reflection of the way the Team Obama unleashed the pitbull VP to reinvigorate the campaign, Seth Meyers turned to his reliably hilarious Biden (Jason Sudeikis) to recover lost ground after the previous week’s lackluster debate sketch. “It’s Tebow time,” Meyers declared. Both Bidens didn’t disappoint.”

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